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    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile And Grout Cleaning

    Tile And Grout Cleaning Bristol and the Southwest

    Clean 'n' seal southwest have invested in the best new portable cleaning equipment so you get the best tile and grout clean ever in Bristol and the southwest, or it's absolutely FREE. No joke, we want your tile and  grout flooring cleaning business, so if we don't deliver on the promise to you the best tile and grout clean in Bristol and Bath ever then it is totally FREE.

    Our unique powerful cleaning system which was only ever available on truckmounted carpet and floor cleaning vans is now portable. With our new high pressure water, chemical injection and vacuum system we can give your tile and grout the most deepest clean Ever. Plus as it is portable we don't have the worry of parking a big floor cleaning van in front of your reception areas in hotels and office complexes, also we can shut doors behind us when we are working in any domestic property making sure your home is secure.

    Our stone floor cleaning system deep cleans your floor with high pressure heated water and chemicals through a rotary head cleaning attachment that also vacuums the water and dirt picked up and pumps it back to the main unit.

    Once your tile and grout has been deep cleaned we can if required get the grout lines looking like new again, if your grout was originally coloured we can re apply colour to the grout to enhance the look for any tile and grout flooring. We can apply a sealer to protect your floor from spills and dirt and grime build up.

    As standard, our work come with:

     the very best deep cleaning and restoration

     only the best machines in the industry used

     we can re-apply grout and repair tiles

     your tiles protected with either solvent or water based sealants

    superb results, bringing your tiles and grout back to life

    What sets us apart:

     we will help you choose your ideal finish

     we offer a maintenance package

    we are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

    we are Trading Standards approved

    we have over 15 years of experience
    https://www.youtube.com/embed/SASKVKJk3BQ?rel=0&wmode=transparenthttps://www.youtube.com/embed/SASKVKJk3BQ?rel=0&wmode=transparent https://www.youtube.com/embed/FQ_EGL_13p8?rel=0&wmode=transparent https://www.youtube.com/embed/_9u2FED68ps?rel=0&wmode=transparent

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    Tile And Grout Sealing Services

    More and more Bristol properties are using natural stone and tiles as flooring or wall coverings in areas such as bathrooms, toilets, shower areas, kitchens and entrance halls. Cleaning of tiles and grout over the years has always been a subject of different opinions from one tile to another.

    What we have learnt though as professionals in the tile and grout cleaning and sealing idustry is that when your tiled floor was new, a mop and a general floor cleaner seemed like enough to look after and maintain your floor. But those techniques are now considered as outdated. With advanced tile and grout sealers and tile and grout impregnator's on the market and the information on these products we know what to apply to your tiled floor and grout lines to protect and maintain them.

    Grout is porous and if not sealed properly can Absorb grease, dirt and limescale. Spillage's such as wine and soft drinks especially if they contain dyes can easily soak into the grout lines on your Bristol tiled floor. Grout in showers, bathrooms and other wet areas where condensation builds will become unattractive from the result of mould, mildew and limescale buildup. Clean 'N' Seal Southwest can seal any tile and grout surface in any domestic or commercial property in Bristol, Bath and the Southwest, protecting your tile and grout surfaces and investment.

    Dirty Grout

    If your grout lines look beyond repair then contact us and we will discuss how to restore them for you and we can even change the colour giving your floor a whole new look.

    Our Bristol Tile and grout cleaning and sealing service includes cleaning of the following:

    • Bathrooms,
    • Wet rooms
    • Shower rooms/Cubicles
    • Toilet/ restrooms
    • Kitchen floors
    • Conservatory floors


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