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    Slate Floor Cleaning Bristol With Great Results

    More and more home owners in Bristol and the Southwest are trending towards a slate floor in their kitchens, bathrooms hallways, and conservatories. You may have a slate floor installed in your home and are wondering about cleaning slate floors plus sealing to make sure your Bristol slate floor is protected from spills such as food and drinks, harmful acids, cleaning products and any other day to day spills.

    If any spill on any slate floor in Bristol or the Southwest is not wiped up immediately it can cause damage to your clean slate floor.

    You will be glad to know that we are slate floor cleaner specialists you need for cleaning slate floors of any type in Bristol and Bath.

    As a natural stone floor restoration company, we are able to offer our customers across Bristol, Bath, Taunton and the whole of the southwest as far down as Cornwall the best slate floor cleaning and sealing service available. Please use the Contact Us page or call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745.

    Slate floor Cleaning And Sealing For Bristol And Bath

    Our slate floor cleaning and sealing service is part of Clean 'N' Seal Southwests success story. We pride on giving our customers a clean slate floor and natural stone floor cleaning service that is the best in Bristol and the Southwest.

    Our slate floor cleaning and restoration service includes stripping of old sealer, deep cleaning the slate and grout, sealing the slate with an impregnating colour enhancing sealer which protects the slate from within, or a topical sealer which sits on top of the slate floor and gives a glossy shine finish to your clean slate floor,  We can revive and restore any slate floor and enhance the appearance with the most appropriate floor seal that will not only protect it but make it look the best it ever has.

    Great Slate Floor Maintenance Packages To Suit You

    We know how to clean a slate floor, and our existing customers know about our slate and marble floor maintenance packages and all agree it makes sense to look after your investment.

    If you decided to invest in our slate floor maintenance packages you would receive after care on your floors, you would also receive scheduled floor cleaning and sealer top up coats, stain removal, phone contact with Bud when needed.

    We visited  a property and met a really nice retired couple. The gentleman of the house showed me down into the basement and asked me "can you do anything with this", beneath my feet was some of the nicest Chinese slate floor I had ever come across. The Bristol slate floor had so many different colours in it, thousands if I counted them, the slate floor had never been sealed and was dirty and needed bringing back to life.

    We got to work and after a few hours had deep cleaned the slate floor and applied a conditioner to the stone to put back some goodness back into it.

    After our slate floor cleaner had treated the slate floor it needed to dry out totally before any sealers could be applied, so I left it overnight.the following day I applied 4 coats of topical sealer to the floor, the customer did not want a high shine to it and if I added anymore than 4 coats it would have a high sheen to it.

    The sealed slate floor looks absolutely amazing, as you can see from the video below.


    For a FREE no obligation quotation on our slate floor cleaner services please call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745 or complete our online enquiry form.




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