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    Floor Restoration

    Stone & Wood Floor Restoration Services For Bristol And The Southwest

    You will be glad to know that as part of our commitment to providing homeowners and commercial properties in Bristol and the Southwest with the best external rejuvenation and cleaning services.

    Clean 'n' Seal Southwest also give you the vey best comprehensive internal restoration for almost any type of floor for Bath, Gloucestershire and the Southwest. From solid woods and laminates to marble floors and tiles, our experts have the skills to bring your natural stone  or solid wood flooring back to life and seal it for a long-lasting finish for you.

    We undertake wooden floor sanding, tile and grout recolouring and sealing, even marble floor polishing and grinding plus the cleaning and sealing of natural stone floors like slate, terracotta, limestone and granite, travertine and terrazzo plus sandstone for all our customers in Exeter and the Southwest.

    As standard, our work come with:

     the very best natural stone, wood and concrete restoration service

     the very  best machines and equipment in the industry used

     grinding and polishing to highest standard

     a range of sealers to protect your surface

     superb results bringing your hard surface to life

    Wood Floor Sanding Bristol And Restoration Services

    Let Clean ‘n’ Seal take care of your Bristol wood floor sanding and refinishing. we can restore your tired and worn looking wooden flooring back to its original condition quickly and effectively.

    What sets us apart:

     we are experienced in all types of floor restoration

     we can give you the finish you desire

    we are members of The Guild of Master Craftsman

    we have over 15 years experience 

    we are Trading Standards approved



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    Natural Stone Floor Cleaning And Tile And Grout Cleaning In Bristol And The Southwest.

    We’re able to offer households in Taunton and the Southwset floor sanding on traditional solid wood floors and many of the modern engineered wood floors too, carefully removing scuffs, scratches, and stains with our unrivalled floor sanding techniques.

    Once the floor has the old varnish and damage removed we can finish it with a variety of treatments. We offer the best sealants to ensure any sanding and restoration jobs we undertake looks good long into the future.

    If your home includes tiles like porcelain and ceramic or a natural stone like marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, granite, travertine and terrazz, we can offer you a range of treatments to bring it back to its original stunning condition - eliminating the dulling that it has received from years of wear and tear.

    Many of the modern  natural stone floors are susceptible to abrasion and erosion over time, our Bristol marble and natural stone floor polishing and sealing service can restore them for you to their prime and protect them with a superior surface finish.

    As well as marble, slate floor, limestone, sandstone, granite, travertine and terrazzo floor polishing, cleaning and sealing we’re able to provide homeowners in Bristol stone floor grouting and tiling cleaninng, remove and replace tired or missing grout, broken tiles and a wide range of damage to natural stone or terracotta tiles, you would also be surprised how good our tarmac restoration service is and the cost in savings you would make between a new tarmac drive and a tarmac sealing service.

    Contact Clean ‘n’ Seal or call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745 today for more information on any of our internal natural stone floor cleaning and sealing and restoration - we’ll be happy to discuss your needs for  sanding and sealing, marble polishing, slate cleaning and sealing travertine polishing or floor grouting and tiling.


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