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    Travertine Floor Cleaning

    Travertine Floor Cleaning Bristol

    Have you got Travertine floors in your home or business in Bristol or the southwest? Then you will know how unique it is from any other natural stone. It can create some of the most distinctive floors in any room or outside patio areas.

    This sedimentary rock, which is from the limestone family, is unique with its cavities and holes, which vary in size from minuscule holes to large irregular voids. These travertine holes and voids although are totally unique to travertine can cause your floor to look neglected if not maintained properly.

    If your travertine floor was not sealed properly on installation you will soon start seeing dirt deposits which can in time turn to black crust formation on the surface. Stains on the surface and etching to the travertine are very common problems too.

    As a professional travertine floor cleaning company for Bristol, Bath and the whole of the Southwest, we can provide you with a tailored travertine floor cleaning solution that suits you.

    As standard, our work come with:

     the very best deep cleaning and restoration

     only the best machines in the industry used

     we can fill your pits and holes and repair cracks

     your floor protected with either solvent or water based sealants

    superb results bringing your travertine back to life.

    The Best Travertine Floor Cleaning

    If your traverine floor needs sealing because its no longer protected then contact us today. 

    What sets us apart:

     we will help you choose your ideal finish

     we offer a maintenance package

    we are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

    we are Trading Standards approved

    we have over 15 years of experience



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    Travertine Floor Cleaning

    If your travertine floor is not protected it will soon become filthy dirty, loose its shine and lustre. Any type of spillage can massively harm your travertine floor so we seriously urge you to seal your travertine floor with our Bristol travertine floor sealing service.

    Travertine Floor Restoration

    If you have a travertine floor in your house and it is in need of restoration then contact us. Our Travertine floor restoration service which covers Bristol, Bath and the whole Southwest can restore your travertine floor to make it look amazing. We can fill in any cavities and holes for you plus repair almost any cracks in travertine.

    Do not forget that we also offer amazing block paving driveway cleaning.


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