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    Travertine Floor Clean And Seal Chepstow

    Travertine floor clean and seal Chepstow

    We have just completed a travertine floor clean and seal in Chepstow

    One of the teams at clean ‘N’ Seal have spent the last couple of days bringing our customers travertine floor back to life.

    Tired Looking Travertine Floor Chepstow.

    The Travertine floor was looking a little tired to say the least and the customer had tried lots of different cleaning products and also tried different techniques to get the floor looking good again.

    But sadly failed every time and getting no where slowly.

    Amazing customer service for travertine floor cleaning Chepstow.

    Our office was contacted and Alison quickly reassured our customers that with our skills and over 15 years of experience on all natural stone floor types including travertine that there floor could and would be saved.

    After arranging a visit to the property and viewing the travertine floor we discussed with our customer the best way to proceed with the travertine floor.

    Between us we agreed the best way to bring the travertine floor back to life and discussed the techniques and equipment that were going to be used.

    Our floor restoration technicians arrived on site and immediately went about their skills to make the travertine floor in Chepstow look amazing again which we had promised the customer.

    The travertine floor was stripped of any old sealer and the grout lines were also cleaned with the upmost attention to detail.

     Travertine Floor Clean 'N' Seal Chepstow / www.cleanandsealsouthwest.co.uk

    Once we were happy the travertine floor was totally cleaned and all traces of sealer was removed we went through a polishing process to bring the floor to a sheen the customer was happy with, after applying a couple of layers of impregnating sealer we filled in any pit holes or voids that the customer wanted filled in by involving the customer at this stage of the works we could give them exactly what they were expecting and not giving them a surprise either one way or the other.

    Travertine Floor Chepstow Brought Back To Life.

    We polished the travertine floor upto 1500 grit and then we applied the rest of the impregnating sealer, giving the travertine floor a beautiful sheen and totally protected to spills and stains that the customer was over the moon with.

    If you are interested in our Travertine floor clean ‘N’ Seal Chepstow please visit our Travertine floor cleaning and restoration page to see more videos of our work and also to read about our travertine floor services we have to offer our amazing customers like you at Travertine floor Cleaning or you can view the video we made whilst doing the work at Travertine Floor Clean 'N' Seal Chepstow


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