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    Slate Floor Restoration Gloucester

    Slate Floor Restoration Gloucester.

    Clean 'N' Seal Southwest were asked to restore a slate floor in Yate, Gloucester. When i first saw the floor i knew i was in for a challenge getting it to a flat and even surface the customer was wanting. There was in front of me a floor that had been very badly laid and was an eyesore. I was asked can it be done and gave the customer my word that the floor could be flattened and the appearance significantly improved.

    The customer was obviously anxious that it could be done, so i gave him our 100% money back guarantee, which is if he is not happy with the finish he does not have to pay us a penny, thats right not a single penny. We booked in the job and set about flattening the surface, i had just invested in a floor grinding machine and was ready to put it to use.

    You can see more videos on slate floors being restored by clicking cleanandsealsouthwest.co.uk/cleaning/internal/slate-floor Watch the video and written commentary on how we achieved a finish that even had me buzzing.


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