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    Chinese slate floor cleaning

    Chinese slate Floor Cleaning Bristol.

    I was asked to go and look at slate floor that was in a basement/ utility room in Nailsea, near Bristol.

    So I visited  the property and met a really nice retired couple. Te gentleman of the house showed me down into the basement and asked me "can you do anything with this" beneath my feet was some of the nicest Chinese slate floor I had ever come across. The slate had so many different  colours in it, thousands if I counted them, the slate floor had never been sealed andwas dirty and needed bringing back to life.

    So I got to work and after a few hours had the floor deep cleaned and applied a conditioner to stone to put back some goodness into it, a bit like a human having a massage and spa day, Lol.

    The floor needed to dry out totally before any sealers could be applied, so I left it overnight.the following day I applied 4 coats of topical sealer to the floor, the customer did not want a high shine to it and if I added anymore than 4 coats it would have a high sheen to it.

    The slate floor looks absolutely amazing, as you  can see from the pictures, go to slate floor cleaning to see the video I done of this floor.

    This is why I love Clean 'N' Seal Southwest, doing work like this and making a difference.

    Tile And Grout Cleaning Bristol

    Tile And grout Cleaning Service Bristol.

    Tile and grout cleaning is a little beauty of a service clean "N' Seal Southwest offer across `bristol, Bath and the Southwest. I had to visit a conservatory in Nailsea, just outside of  Bristol. The customer was in need of the porcelain tiles and grout lines cleaning as it hadn't been done for a long time. We use a floor scrubber and mild cleaning solutions and then agitate them into the floor, (I find this the best way) and after cleaning about an area of 2msq for about 4-5 mins remove with a wet vac the dirty substance to leave an incredibly clean and fresh looking floor that anyone would be proud to have in their conservatory.

    Bristol Block Paving Clean And Sealed

    Block Paving Cleaning Bristol.

    We had a job in Thornbury near Bristol to clean and seal a tumbled block paving driveway that had become weed infested and un appealing, weeds had taken root all over this Bristol block paving, so we firstly put down some weed killer and then washed the block pavers down. 

    We always give block paved driveways in Bristol and Bath 4 cleans, The first is with a whirl away rotary cleaning tool which saves lots of time in the cleaning process of block paving , the second clean is with a turbo lance, this piece of equipment is far superior than any domestic pressure washer which can be bought these days, we make sure that all the joints are washed out of any weeds, this process also displaces the kiln dried sand which is needed to fill the joints between block paving which we put back when we sand the driveway the third wash is to make sure that the whole block paving driveway is totally clean and free from any moss and lichens which like to live on block paving in Bristol and the Southwest. The forth and final wash is to clean down the whole area making sure all windows and doors and anything else that has got dirty in the cleaning process is cleaned down and to the customers satisfaction. 

    Once cleaned we had to leave the block paving to dry for at least three days. Block paving has to be left for at least this long to make sure the block pavers and sub base are totally dry, if not totally dry then there is a high chance that the area could end up with ghosting on it, this happens when moisture which rises cannot escape through the sealer and leaves a white patch making the affected block paving driveway area looking in a bad way.

    We returned to find a nice clean driveway which we could then restore to our customers and Clean 'N' Seal Southwests high standards. We went about filling in the gaps between each tumbled block paver with kiln dried sand. 

    Kiln dried sand is the best sand to use on any block paving, when it gets wet it goes hard, but when sealer is applied to the kiln dried sand it goes rock hard which solidifies the joints between the block pavers on driveways making it harder for weeds to penetrate through the sand joints. Once all the joints are filled in we make sure that their is no excess sand left on the surface of the block paving driveway, if any kiln dried sand is left on the surface and then gets sealed the block paving looks like it has glitter on it because the sealer will magnify the kiln dried sand particles.

    Once all the kiln sand particles were removed we got prepared to seal the Bristol tumbled block paving.block paving cleaning

    We applied two coats of acrylic sealer to the cleaned Thornbury driveway. 

    The first one is the applied making sure all areas are covered. We then left the sealed block paving to dry for a period and then applied another coat of block paving sealer to the driveway, this coat goes on quite liberal, making sure we go over any areas which look like they need some more sealer. This coat also give the driveway a nice sheen finish. Their are matt, silk and gloss sealers available for block paving driveways giving homeowners a choice of finishes.

    The first coat of sealer we apply to any block paving driveway in Bristol, Bath or anywhere else in the Southwest goes on the thickest. We always make sure that the sand joints get plenty of sealer, but we never flood the joints as this can displace the sand.

    At Clean and Seal Southwest we always seal block paving with a sprayer, we find this is the best way to apply the sealer because we are not using other tools like rollers and brushes which can remove some of the kiln dried sand when applying to these areas. 

    Once the driveway was restored to our customers and Clean 'N' Seal Southwest high standard we put bunting across the Bristol sealed block paved driveway to give visibility to the public and services that work has been done and to stay off.

    We informed the satisfied customer that he should not let foot traffic on the restored block paving for at least 4 hours and no cars to be parked on it for at least 24 hours.

    As you can see from the picture of the restored driveway in Bristol that it looks like new once again .


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