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    Parquet Floor Sanding Bristol

    Above is a video of a parquet floor we sanded in Clevedon, Bristol.

    Wood Floor Sanding

    What a week we have just had at clean 'N' Seal southwest. Monday we started using our lagler Hummel , flip and trio on a pine wood floor sanding and finishing job in Bristol. We arrived at the house in St. George, Bristol nice and early has we knew we had two full days of wood floor restoration ahead of us.

    We started by punching the nails lower down into the pine floorboards, this is vital if you don't want to ruin any sanding belts or even the drum on your wood floor sanding equipment, also your finished wood floor won't look any good with shiny nail heads showing.


    Once happy with the punched in nails we started to sand back the floor with our new Lagler Hummel, what a machine this is, it makes light work of any wood floor sanding.

    Once satisfied with the first cut we then cut around the edges with the Lagler Flip, this little beauty is the number 1 virtually dust free edger in the business,  we went over the floor with 60 grit  and then proceeded with the Lagler Trio, the best floor sander and finishing machine in the world. This s my favourite tool to date, it's amazing at getting any wood floor as smooth as possible with no effort at all and it also quickens the sanding process.

    Happy how the floor was sanded we applied 3 coats of Bona Mega gloss what the customer wanted. It now looks like a new floor.

    Wednesday we started a massive wood floor restoration project in Portishead near Bristol. We had already replaced some boards and removed tacks in the pine floor boards.

    The occupants of the property only bought it 2weeks ago and were moving in on the Friday. They had all other trades in getting everything ready for them to move, to be honest it was a bit hectic at times but I don mind working under pressure, just not everyday.

    The pine wood floor was not level and was covered in paint, this was the hardest part of the project and also the most time consuming, making sure we got the floor level meant lots of cuts over the middle of the room, we succeeded after a few hours with the Lagler Hummel.

    Once flat we went about filling in all the gaps between the boards and also the nail holes, not a nice job I must admit, the fumes off the resin always gives me a headache. We then got to use the trio on the floor to get it smooth ready for finishing.

    We applied Bona Create Earth to the floor using our rotary machine and buffed the oil into the floor. This took us into Thursday and we had to finish early as we had a stone floor clean and seal job to do in Marlborough Wiltshire for two nights.



    We returned early Friday morning after a couple of hours sleep to apply a primer to the floor and give it time to dry before applying  Bona Mega.

    We finished Friday about 1100  and the occupants were moving in that afternoon. We went home for sleep and then went back to Marlborough for another night shift. The couple are over the moon with their restored wood floor.

    Limestone and Slate Hearth And Fireplace

    We had a call from a building refurbishment company regarding scratches on a slate hearth and limestone surround which was in need of a good clean.

    When we visited the clients customers house we soon realised what a job we had on our hands. The slate hearth was covered in very deep and wide scratches. The surround had ground in stains.

    We put down plastic sheets and decorators sheets and covered the wall around the fireplace to protect the floor and freshly painted walls.


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