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    Amazing! unbelievable! Just a couple of words to describe the finish on our limestone tile kitchen floor. I had been at my wits end trying to remove stains and to bring back the shine to my floor. I had tried numerous products before finding Ian at clean and seal. They responded quickly and did a fantastic job. Ian explained the process as he went along and they were friendly but professional. The floor is better than its ever been with a highly polished mirror finish. Ian also advised me on which maintenance products to buy and I'm just so pleased, I did not think it would ever look like this again. I would highly recommend them so if you are not sure, give them a chance to restore your floor, however it looks, cause they can do it!!

    Debbie Davie

    About Clean 'n' Seal South West


    Our vision is to be the company that everyone recommends for hard surface cleaning and restoration.

    Our mission is to be known for exceptional customer service, remarkable hard surface cleaning and restoration skills, and our down-to-earth approach.




    Clean and seal UK is founded on the belief and love of restoration of its founder Bud Mott. Having started out in the tower and mobile crane industry in his twenties and thirties, Bud used this invaluable experience of having to work to high expectations, exacting standards and prestigious projects to start his first business a wheelie bin cleaning service, " A Wheelie Clean Service."

    Despite being a huge success, Bud was keen to capitalise on his entrepreneurial skills and spotting a gap in the market in being able to offer a competitive and honest service in cleaning block paving drives and patios.

    Attending training ensured that Bud was able to professionally clean and seal block paving and patios in London with Smartseal. Owing much of his early success to Nigel Blake from Smartseal and his team for guiding Bud through the early stages of this new venture, which has since launched as "Clean And Seal Southwest."

    After launching another successful business, Bud was still keen to stretch his interests in providing high quality and highly skilled workmanship in cleaning and restoration services.  Bud has always had a creative streak married with a strong belief in providing customers with exception customer service and a down-to-earth approach.

    This fuelled further training with a magnificent family company named "Nu-Life Floor care" ran by father and son Brian and Mike Philbin, who were able to teach Bud everything he knows today.  Since then, Bud has been on numerous courses for natural stone floor cleaning, sealing, grinding and polishing natural stone, plus tile and grout cleaning, floor maintenance and natural stone floor restoration.

    Bud sensed a growing market for restoration within the home, more and more customers were requesting that he bring his skills into the home and Bud has since added wood floor sanding and restoration to his list of skills.  It is this that fulfils Bud's restoration and artistic talents, known as being able to bring centuries of flooring back to life.  "Being able to transform an old floor that has been covered by carpet for years to a main attraction of any room is such a buzz for me and I love every single wood floor sanding job we do."

    It is the latter that Bud has added to his growing businesses, by bringing together the latest training and restoration technique's, Bud makes a personal commitment and promise to all his customers that you will only receive a unique service that is tailored completely to their needs, giving his promise that every job receives 100% with no expectations and has a great portfolio of clients and customer recommendations that support this approach.

    Clean and Seal Southwest continues to grow as the leading Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration Company in Bristol, Bath and whole of the Southwest.

    Bud's team enjoy the same professional training as Bud and he is on hand every day, for every job, teaching the art of hard surface cleaning and restoration with techniques and training that are cutting edge of technology.

    Riding on the success of Clean and Seal Southwest, Bud is now convinced that the company ethos and ethics need to be stretched further towards the rest of the UK, resulting in Clean and Seal UK which will give new customers the chance to get the Clean and Seal experience.

    Clean and Seal UK is the only company that gives customers the whole hard surface restoration experience, covering stone floor, wood floor, patio cleaning and restoration services nationwide.  Teaming up with only the very best wood floor sanding, stone floor cleaning and patio and driveway cleaning companies across the UK, Clean and Seal UK ensures that customers can reach these suppliers on an easy to reach website www.cleanandsealuk.co.uk

    The future is looking bright for Clean and Seal Southwest and Clean and Seal UK, with a vision to be the company that everyone recommends for hard surface cleaning and restoration, built on customer and client recommendation.  Or as Bud would put it "Let Clean and Seal bring your hard surfaces to life."


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